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Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as an Event?

Events are tracking request made by your campaign visitors, and every request is stored and optimized for analytics. This counts as Visits to the destination links, clicks from the destination to the offer links, and any goals or conversions tracked from their subids. Starting with 1,000,000 events most campaigns may never reach this limit. Overage charges are charged at a very low price of $5.00 per 100,000 events.

Can I purchase additional Users & Domains?

Yes, additional users and domains can be added onto any plan for a separate recurring charge. Users are an extra $20 a month per user, and Tracking domains are an extra $10 a month per domain. Adroots was built for teams and agencies that collaborate together.

How do Payments and Cancellations work?

All subscriptions are paid upfront for the month of use, including additional users, domains, and events. Therefore you can cancel at anytime or downgrade your account. There are no cancellation fees and any downgrade will be propagated back to the account as credit and applied towards the next months bill. Subscription payments are accepted in Visa, Mastercard and Paypal.

Is there an extra cost for certain features?

All plans come included with all the Adroots core features, the only difference between the plans are the events, users, and domain limits. Our aim is to create the most powerful and dynamic tracker, so we do not believe in limiting any business of any size from the best features in the industry. We aim to release a major feature every month and to continue innovating for all our paying users. Read more about Adroots Core Features here.

Where is the tracker hosted?

Adroots is hosted on the world’s most powerful cloud infrastructure; Amazon AWS services. With servers placed around the world event request are processed to the nearest host and incase of failure failover to the next best host for fastest redirection speeds possible.

I have more questions, can I contact you?

Email us at or initiate a chat by clicking here. You can schedule a demo and we would be happy to show you Adroots and answer any questions.

All plans come with free on-boarding, if you get need help getting started with the platform and the use of features we are glad to set you in the right direction.