Prevent Dead Offer Links

With Adroots unique link structure and features you can rest assure that your campaign links are always redirecting to the intended destination. On other trackers your dynamic offer links require a campaign session to be active in order for the redirect to work. But there are many scenarios where a visitor can land on your landing page without the campaign session being started beforehand.

Example Scenarios where this happens quite often

  • SEO visitors will come to your landing page via the search engines and enter your paid advertising funnel, and because they did not enter through a campaign link the campaign session will not be found on the offer link.
  • Links shared between your visitors and even shared between themselves when changing devices will start from the landing page on the new device. From the new device there is no indicator of the existing session when they click on the offer link.
  • Mobile Connections change IP addresses depending on the cell tower the visitor is connected too, very common for them to be traveling and changing IPs. When a new IP address is detected on the offer link it does not detect the campaign session because the session was started with the old IP address.

Now how can you use Adroots to Prevent Dead offer links?

When creating a campaign you will have access to your campaign link and offer links. Your campaign link is what starts the campaign session and redirects to the selected destination dynamically. Your offer links are the links your visitors click on from the destination. The offer links are dynamic too and you can see they are shorter links with no campaign ID because they grab the campaign information from the session.

But what’s cool about Adroots offer links is that you can enable them to act as direct links too.

This will enable the link to function in 2 ways.

  1. If a visitor has a campaign session started the visitor is directed to the offer using the campaign session.
  2. But if a visitor clicks on the offer link without a campaign session the system will then use the campaign ID found in the “direct linking” offer link.

This works perfect for big sites that receive organic traffic from SEO and social media because you can still use the same funnel and attribute these clicks as “Direct Visits” in your Adroots reports.

What is also possible you can assign the link a different campaign ID from the main session campaign you use for the paid traffic.

This way you can easily see how many times these direct visits happen and start getting more conversions instead of sending them to a dead link. And it’s no secret direct visits to your landing page convert much higher because they are coming back for a reason, and many times that is to BUY!

Here is an example from an internal campaign, We would’ve lost $1,564.00 that month If it was not for dynamic direct offer linking!


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