One Platform for all your Digital Advertising needs

Campaign Manager

One Platform to Control-All  – Control your campaigns, landing pages, offers and other elements in one system. Power your links with the most advance features for full control. New Features added monthly to become the most complete Tracker and Analytics platform.

  • One Platform Manage-All

  • Add Audience Pixels to Links

  • SSL Secured Custom Domains

  • Track Traffic Source Tokens

  • Offers & Landing Pages Manager

 Campaign Rules

Never send un-targeted Traffic to a Path  – Route your traffic to the exact path using over 16 conditions of rules. Never send traffic to an un-targeted destination to maximize your profits. Run reports and segment traffic that matches the rules.

  • Add over 16 different Rule Condititions

  • Run Reports and Segments on Rules

Advance Analytics

Optimize with Precision – Create advanced reports on over 50 different campaign Dimensions, 5 levels of dimension drill downs and visitor segments. Run unrestricted reports and save your favorite optimization reports for easy retrieval.

  • Drill down up to 5 Dimensions

  • Over 50 Different Data Points

  • Save and Organize Custom Reports

  • Create Report Configurations

 Cost Manager

Accurately Track Cost & ROI – Assign the exact cost of the traffic source by the custom tokens or custom tokens grouping. Cap offers with conversion limits or manually upload conversions that do not fire automatically.

  • Update cost by traffic source tokens

  • Add offer caps to limit conversions

  • Sync ROI with manual conversions

 Bot & Proxy Detection

Easily detect traffic source quality – Find where the bots and proxy visits are coming from and see how much these bad visits are costing your campaigns ROI.

  • Run reports to detect proxies in your data

  • Find traffic sources sending bots & crawlers

  • Filter out proxies and bots easily

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An All-in-one solution – packed with powerful features.

Dynamic Campaigns

Manage complex link funnels like rotations, rules, and unlimited direct links under one easy panel.

Access Control

Create accounts with precise permissions and access views to every object in the application.

Cost Manager

Accurately track your campaign cost with token grouping to get ROI measurements.

Data Access

Export all of your traffic data anytime. Filter out clicks or even change the conversion Payout.

Advance Reports

Powerful Analytics that lets you create custom reports that can be drilled down to 5 levels.

Offer Caps

Assign Hourly, Daily, and Monthly caps to your offers so that you can automatically use a fallback offer.

Rule Library

Route and Cloak your traffic by custom variables, connections, Time, Technology and many more rules.

Secure Domains

Automatically get SSL certificates on your domains that are ready to use in any secure environment.

Visitor Filter

Count only the clicks that matter and filter out bots, and your test clicks quickly.

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