AdRoots Excel Like System Helps You with YOUR Data

Reporting comes in many shapes and sizes, a lot of software usually sticks to the default theme of their template. We didn’t want to do that because it can hinder the results we actually want to look at.

Today, I did a Facebook Live of our reporting platform. I wanted to show you how versatile it can be when trying to decipher your data.

I was feeling a little sick but I did this FB live via my bedroom while in bed. I also do feel a little out of the weather, you can hear it in my voice.

IN this Live, I talked about several items about our tracker and the reporting platform it has. One feature I think it is very powerful is the fact that our reporting is just versatile.

The reason why I wanted it to act like Excel is because I was tired of exporting data, and just browsing – I wasn’t being analytical. With AdRoots, I can because it shows me all the data that I want to see. No more BS data points that I really do not need.

One factor is I can always save these templates and save them into folders, to open them later. This is one feature I wanted because it allows me to just look at specific campaigns and set the template of data that I want. No need to recreate this same report every day.

I just open a tab and pull up the report and pick a date range.

I am able to easily breakdown between 50 different data points and find out which and what will work. It is easy for me to find out what is working and what isn’t allowing me to make decisions about my traffic and the quality of it.

With the data given and provided by AdRoots, we are able to now see what is really working from the type of internet connection and to see if the traffic is hitting bot traffic.

The amount of data you can juggle around and adjust will help you with your online marketing needs.


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