Ad optimization can be time consuming, especially if you do not know what to optimize or look for. I have created this mini report to show you that you can easily start optimizing campaigns with easy simple web changes.
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I always had a slogan when it came to online advertising:
"If 100 people clicked on my ads, why didnt 100 people convert!"

Ian Fernando

Ian Fernando educates the online world on how advertising works. Showing technique and strategies with paid advertising as well as creating a captivating brand online. Ian dips his hands in every aspect of the online space from affiliate and performance marketing to product creations and launches. Ian is no stranger to the online world, as his blog voices his concerns and ideas about how to market online and being the best at it.

Ian comes to the floor with energy and creative words. He always wants to get the audience involved and interact in a creative way. Drawing energy from the audience and creating that energy makes him a great speaker when it comes to online topics and monetizing websites.