Bridge the gap between Tracking and Analytics

Adroots is an EverGreen Click Management Platform to scale Digital Advertising Campaigns

Industry Proven & Tested

How It Works


Add Your campaign elements like traffic sources, offers and landing pages to the platform.


Provide the Campaign link to the traffic sources to dynamically manage visitor’s destinations and collect tracking data.


Analyze your campaign data and uncover details on over 50 different data points.


Group up to 5 dimensions to find high performing variables or to stop the low performing ones.

  • Campaign Manager

    Control your campaigns, landing pages, offers and other elements in one system. Power your links with the most advance features for full control.

  • Smart Links

    Our unique link and path structures allow you to accurately track any type of Digital marketing campaigns; No more link restrictions.

  • Advance Analytics

    Create advanced reports on over 50 different campaign Dimensions, 5 levels of dimension drill downs and visitor segments.

  • Campaign Rules

    Route your traffic to the exact path using over 16 conditions of rules. Never send traffic to an un-targeted destination to maximize your profits.

  • Data Access

    Access all of your stored data to export anytime. You can also filter out visits, clicks, and conversions from your reports. And even change the payouts.

  • Cost Manager

    Update campaign cost by the traffic source tokens to get an accurate cost and precise ROI measurements. You can even group by adgroup and target site or keyword.

  • User Permissions

    Control your account with precise permissions for each user by assigning access to the data, and specific actions they are allowed to do or view.